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About The Author

Shepherd Bushiri is the president and founder of Shepherd Bushiri Ministries International and Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church. Shepherd Bushiri is used mightily by God in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry. Among his many credentials which include being a world renowned minister of the gospel, Shepherd Bushiri is also a successful entrepreneur and an author.

The headquarters of ECG church are based in Pretoria, South Africa, and it also has branches across the African continent and other nations around the world.

Thousands of individuals around the world attest to the ever-increasing growth that has been witnessed in the authorship of all his books. From the inception of the publishing of his books until the present, it is evident that he is a writer of incomparable ability. All of his books consistently proclaim characteristics of nobility, truth and benevolence. Indeed, Shepherd Bushiri’s writings provide the reader with an amazing apprehension into spiritual life changing principles. His writings are articulate and practical, particularly when he delves into the revelations of the message of the end times – Hope!


  • The Vessels of Honour: Understanding the purpose and use of anointed materials
  • The Pursuit of Titus: Unveiling true sonship
  • The Prophetic Calling: The principles of operating in the prophetic calling
  • Tongues: Revelations of the Heavenly language
  • Angels of God: Understanding the ministry of angels
  • The Process of Receiving the Prophetic Anointing
  • Principles of Understanding Prophetic Prayer
  • Iron Man: Man of strength, stability & versatility
  • My Journey to Heaven: Encounter with God
  • Rayon Anointing: The power of thinking
  • Tushiya Anointing: Unleashing the hidden wisdom
  • Honey
  • Tsalach Anointing: The Anointing of Prosperity
  • Do Business Until I Come: Principles of Business Success
  • Spiritual Battlefield: Keys to Spiritual Warfare
  • Demons and Deliverance (Revised)
  • Make Millions In Forex Trading


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