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Crafts of Effective Public Speaking

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No matter what your field of expertise may be, this practical guide equips you with a broad range of proven crafts, tools, and insider tricks of the trade for effectively conveying complex as well as easy to read scientific, philosophical, literal, technical, or business information to any type of audience. Definitely a keepsake!


Do Business

10.09$ 6.69$

The principles in this book, are a double edged sword in that they are fit for building the budding entrepreneur and establishing the more experienced business person.

You might have read on the subject of business before or you might have even ventured into business before, but you have never done it the way that is revealed in this book.


Mysteries Surrounding Your Money

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Money is an absolute necessity in the lives of all people. In these days, there is not much one can achieve without the use of money. In this book, Shepherd Bushiri reveals the secrets that God told him about money and the mysteries that surround it.