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Iron Man

10.09$ 5.04$

In this book, Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major 1 reveals the characteristics of an Ironman.
Major 1 presents a 21st Century man who is stable in all his aspect due to his connection with his God given identity.

This book is aimed at guiding all men back to their true identity in God.


Mysteries Surrounding Your Money

8.22$ 6.69$

Money is an absolute necessity in the lives of all people. In these days, there is not much one can achieve without the use of money. In this book, Shepherd Bushiri reveals the secrets that God told him about money and the mysteries that surround it.

Principles of Understanding Prophetic Prayer


This book includes comprehensive prayer declarations that can be used during prayer time. It also provides insightful guidelines that ministers can use in-order to teach and edify their churches on prophetic prayer.


Prophetic Gates

10.09$ 6.69$

In the Bible, the book of Nehemiah presents the revelation of physical gates

that are also understood to have spiritual meaning. The setting and location of the gates is based in the city of Jerusalem. Shepherd Bushiri, refers to these gates as prophetic gates.

He describes these gates separately to refer to the journey that is a life of believer. This book best enlightens on the different stages in a Christian’s life, as well as the different steps that lead from one gate to another. The book also helps one to understand the kinds of challenges and obstacles a believer can come across on the pathway to another level.

The book, Prophetic Gates captures every aspect of a believer’s journey from the time he or she is born again until they reach maturity. I recommend this book to anyone who is a believer and is interested in understanding his or her journey with God.


Rayon Anointing

10.09$ 6.69$

The interactive collection of revelations in this book will immerse you into a world where you can receive blessings you never thought possible. The pivotal message is based on a type of thinking called, Rayon. This is the highest level of thinking.

Spiritual Battlefield


In this book, Shepherd Bushiri adopts a similar approach by providing believers with the key spiritual ammunition to use in a spiritual warfare with the devil.

These ammunitions are keys to a guaranteed life of victory over the enemy. This book will surely position you in the right place.