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Angels of God

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After reading this book, not only will you understand angels, but benefit from their glorious company as well. The book also cautions believers about the sensitive nature of angelic beings and enlightens believers about how to be spiritually sensitive in order to draw the attention of angels in their lives.

Spiritual Battlefield


In this book, Shepherd Bushiri adopts a similar approach by providing believers with the key spiritual ammunition to use in a spiritual warfare with the devil.

These ammunitions are keys to a guaranteed life of victory over the enemy. This book will surely position you in the right place.


The Pursuit of Titus

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The Pursuit of Titus reveals what it is to be a true son to your spiritual father and the impact that this can have on the spiritual father and the heavenly Father. You will discover that as a true son, you can be so knit to the spirit and heart of your spiritual father to an extent that your absence makes him loose the desire to minister! You cannot read this book and remain the same!