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Angels of God

By Shepherd Bushiri

Angels of God

Angels of God are real. This might sound like a pie in the sky, but through this book, Shepherd Bushiri affords believers an opportunity to understand the angelic beings. He reveals the roles assumed by angels both in heaven and on earth, and the principles to be followed if believers are to be favoured with the grace of seeing and communicating with angels. After reading this book, not only will you understand angels, but benefit from their glorious company as well. The book also cautions believers about the sensitive nature of angelic beings and enlightens believers about how to be spiritually sensitive in order to draw the attention of angels in their lives. Surely, angelic encounters can only be experienced when believers follow the principles that Shepherd Bushiri has penned in this book. Who could have thought believers could experience angelic beings in their lives? This book is indeed a confirmation that angels truly exist and believers can interact with them. To fully comprehend the Ministry of Angels, you should read this because Shepherd Bushiri has revealed all the Angels of God and their ministry.



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