Deliverance Guidelines


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The Deliverance Guideline is a criterion booklet that forms the three books series of the “Guidelines”. Shepherd Bushiri has written it for all those believers who seek the aid of deliverance. Contrary to popular belief, deliverance is not only limited to the casting out of demons. Instead, deliverance is simply an action performed by the hand of God that removes His people from captivity to liberty.

By you being born again, you cannot be subject to being demon possessed. However, demons can also work against you by owning that which is in your surrounding. It can be your business, marriage, family ties, education, academics or international trips. Either way, this book is a compilation of prayers that will deal with demons operating both within and without.

Instructions on how to use the Deliverance Guideline:

  1. Meditate on each scripture reference outlined.
  2. Read through each given message to get a broader understanding of the subject of deliverance.
  3. Pray and confess the petitions written there on a daily basis.
  4. Join hands with other believers and do a corporate prayer with the petitions outline.