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Do Business

By Shepherd Bushiri

Do Business

Shepherd Bushiri has been acknowledged as one of the richest church leaders in the world. The ranking is the fruit of his tremendous success in the market place, in a very short space of time. In his debut book on the subject of business, Shepherd Bushiri unlocks treasures of wisdom in the area of business. The principles in this book, are a double edged sword in that they are fit for building the budding entrepreneur and establishing the more experienced business person. You might have read on the subject of business before or you might have even ventured into business before, but you have never done it the way that is revealed in this book. The unique quality of this book, is that not only does it offer smart business principles, it is also full of revelation because it lends from the best businessman in the World, Jesus Christ. Read it, Apply it and You Will Make it!



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