July Daily Devotions 2021




The word ‘parach’ is a Hebrew word that means to blossom profusely or to sprout forth. It can also be translated as to break forth.

In the Psalms, David made a prayer that in our days we ought to flourish and be surrounded with prosperity. The word “flourish” as written in that context is “parach” (Psalms 72:7). God desires that we remain examples in this generation; examples of change and the true nature of heaven. We were not created just to get by with average, ordinary or even mediocre lives. God created us to make our marks in this generation. He designed us to be extraordinary. Every person has seeds of greatness embedded within him, and by watering those seeds with the Word of God, every person can sprout forth and flourish.

Parach daily devotional is designed specifically to give the followers of Shepherd Bushiri and his ministry a day-to-day experience with the Word of God. Each devotion provides much-needed edification that will keep you on the path of “breaking forth”.

This booklet is a gift, filled with fresh revelations and in-depth Scripture analysis. By making it a daily read, you will be filled with the Word of God, be entirely transformed and positioned for a constant experience of success and victory.