Open Doors

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As one of the most dynamic and enthusiastic spiritual ministers of our time, Dr Shepherd Bushiri knows the challenges that believers are facing in the world daily. That is why, in this well-articulated book, he brings a message of good news and hope, assuring the saints that we have entered an era and dispensation where God has opened doors of countless opportunities for those that seek Him in Spirit and in truth.

Through his practical applications and scriptural insights, the “Open Doors” book focuses on how people can pray for limitations and barriers to be removed from their pathway as they journey on to fulfil destinies and live out their purpose. He gives out substantial instructions about the steps people need to take if they want to see a change in their financial, marital, academic and even business lives.

Get ready to redirect your energy and expectations towards a more profitable path and learn as Dr Shepherd Bushiri teaches you how you can enter through and enjoy God’s open doors.