Prophetic Codes


A book about Prophetic Codes by Shepherd Bushiri.

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The prophetic ministry is quintessentially different from the other five-fold ascension gifts. While other ministerial gifts give an individual the opportunity to stand on behalf of the people to speak to God, the prophetic enables an individual to stand on behalf of God, Himself.

The Prophetic Codes book offers practical advice and inspiration to Christians, globally desiring to see how God is speaking through His prophets in today’s generation. It brings to light the principles and guidelines that the ministry operates under, and how one can become accustomed to “prophesying”.

In this extraordinary book, Shepherd Bushiri uses his personal experience to substantiate the reality of how one can identify God’s voice and do according to the instructions thereof. Being one of the greatest pioneers of the prophetic in our time, Shepherd Bushiri tells his gripping and life-changing experience of how God called and taught him the different ways to prophesy. He uses this testimony as a metaphor of what God can do for Christians who have daring faith, and the desire to lay claim to God’s prophetic promises.

This prophetic guidance will undoubtedly point the way, direct church leaders on course, offer biblical instructions and provide spiritual insight for those who are searching for it.