Sleeping Near The Ark

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In this book, Shepherd Bushiri unveils the dire effects of the spirit of familiarity that operates between a spiritual father and his sons and daughters.

Many people today, have missed their blessings simply because they came too close to the anointing. The effect is that what was supposed to bring them heavenly solutions ended up being something common and ineffective.

Shepherd Bushiri takes on the mission of explaining how the anointing can work for you and how you can diligently serve your spiritual mentor just as Elisha did to Elijah. He desires that this book will act as an inner compass that will direct you to the fulfilment of your highest purpose in the body of Christ, as both a steward and custodian.

Whether you are a son or daughter in the church, starting out or starting over, or wondering whether there is a great success in being a mentee in the prophetic, this book is set for your season. Clear your path off distractions and disruptions. Correct the pathways where you veered off course. Be ready to learn and with this book from Shepherd Bushiri, pursue to become an example of what it means to be a beneficiary of the prophetic covering.