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The Prophetic Calling

By Shepherd Bushiri

The Prophetic Calling

People tend to reject what they don`t understand and so is the case with the prophetic ministry in the 21st century. There is a cloud of suspicion around the prophetic because there is a lack of understanding from both those who are called into the prophetic and the Body of Christ at large. All of that is about to change, because contained in this book are keys to understanding the prophetic that will bring enlightenment and understanding.

In this book, the Prophetic Calling, Shepherd Bushiri pours out wells of wisdom that are both scriptural and experiential. In a simple and yet revelatory style, he reveals tried and tested principles that will be sure to equip those who read it to soar in the prophetic. The veil is lifted on areas such as:

  • Understanding God’s Call
  • Prophetic Mantles
  • Prophets and Seers
  • The Prophetic Battlefield

This book is a tool reformation for the prophetic ministry. Read it and you are sure to be encouraged and fueled to walk as a giant on earth.



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