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The Pursuit of Titus

By Shepherd Bushiri

The Pursuit of Titus

Did you know that true sonship is a mystery that must be unveiled? The Pursuit of Titus is centered on the relationship between Apostle Paul and his spiritual son Titus. Titus as a distinguished exemplary, model attributes of true spiritual sonship; Shepherd Bushiri tears the veil and unpacks the mystery of spiritual sonship like you have never seen before! As you read this book, you will gain insight into what it means to be a spiritual son and you will be provoked to relentlessly pursue it. Your understanding of the values of spiritual sonship and its vast benefits will be enlightened. You will also learn about spiritual fatherhood and the wealth of blessings inherent in submitting to a spiritual father. The Pursuit of Titus reveals what it is to be a true son to your spiritual father and the impact that this can have on the spiritual father and the heavenly Father. You will discover that as a true son, you can be so knit to the spirit and heart of your spiritual father to an extent that your absence makes him loose the desire to minister! You cannot read this book and remain the same!



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