Vessels of Honour

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The mouthpiece of God, Shepherd Bushiri brings insight and clarity to the subject of the anointing oil, anointing water and other sanctified vessels used in the prophetic ministry. In this book, Vessels of Honour, Shepherd Bushiri supports the subtitle of the book by illustrating the purpose and use of anointed materials in a simple, but yet an effective style. He does not follow an apologetic approach of trying to defend the use of anointed materials, although he takes the time to acknowledge the present-day confusion about the use of these materials. He highlights some key principles by revealing the use of the anointed materials from both the Old and New Testaments. He refers to the use of anointed materials by key biblical figures such as Prophet Elisha, Apostle Paul, Apostle Peter and Saviour Jesus Christ. This book will put your worries to rest on the use of anointed materials. It is recommended that you read it, learn it and believe it. You will be amazed at the gems of truth embedded in this book, and you will again reach the understanding that God reveals Himself also through the vessels of honour.